Computational behavior theory and cultural evolution


This page contains all the information you need to interact with me happily and productively as a student at Brooklyn College. Please read carefully the sections that are relevant to you!


My classes at Brooklyn College typically accept 40 students (20 for Honors Academy classes). If you want to enroll but the cap has been reached, you can request an overtally. You have to email me with this information:

  • Your numerical Empl-ID from CUNY First
  • Which class and which section you want to join
  • List all pre-requisite courses and where you took them (Brooklyn College or other institution from which course credit has been transfered)

Letters of recommendation

I do not write letters of recommendation for students who have simply taken a course with me. That is not sufficient to get to know you well enough to provide meaningful information in the letter. If you have worked in my lab, in any capacity, for at least a semester, I will in all likelihood agree to write you a letter. Please provide me with the following information to enable me to write a good letter:

  • Which program you intend to apply to (name, field, institution)
  • How and when we first met. If you took my class before being in the lab, please tell me which class, which semester, and your final grade. I can track down this information, but it’s much simpler if you give it to me
  • The personal statement you intend to submit with your application (even a draft is good)
  • The CV or resume you are submitting
  • Your transcript

Please give me at least three weeks to write you a letter! I might have to write many of them, especially during busy times like the late Fall when many applications are due. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to write a letter at short notice.

Join my lab

I welcome applications by interested students to work in my lab. Please see http://ghirlandalab.org/join for details.

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