Computational behavior theory and cultural evolution


The Carol L. Zicklin Cultural Evolution Seminars

In Spring 2011 I hosted seven seminars on cultural evolution at Brooklyn College, sponsored by the Carol L. Zicklin Endowment, featuring scholars from many disciplines working to understand how culture and biology shape human behavior. The following links point to seminar abstracts and short author bios, as well as videos of the seminars themselves:

  1. Stefano Adamo: The Social Diffusion of Specialist Knowledge (January 24)
  2. R. Alex Bentley: Social Influence and Drift in Collective Behavior (February 22)
  3. Aaron Kozbelt: The Evolution of the Creative Process (March 7)
  4. Laura Fortunato: The Evolution of Marriage and Kinship System (March 17)
  5. Alberto Bisin: The Economics of Cultural Transmission and Socialization (March 24)
  6. Alex Mesoudi: The Experimental Study of Human Cultural Evolution (April 5)
  7. Peter Richerson: How Possibly Language Evolved (April 15)

Many thanks to Malene Schjoenning, Ben Napoli, Nick Lehrman and Valentina Bazzarin for valuable assistance with the organization and filming of the lectures.

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